Today’s ala carte


Fjellstua Restaurant



                           Fish soup                                                                      Kr. 134,-

                             Grilled asparagus with smoked salmon                         Kr. 139,-

                            Cured reindeer                                                              Kr. 136,-

                             Parma ham and chevre                                                 Kr. 136,-

Fish dishes

                              Clip fish                                                                         Kr. 298,-

                             Roasted cod with chorizo                                                Kr. 288,-

                           Baked salmon with lemon                                               Kr. 295,-

                             Large portion of fish soup                                              Kr. 245,-

Meat dishes

                             Chicken fillet with bacon                                                 Kr. 284,-

                            Reindeer entrecote                                                        Kr. 295,-

                               Fjellstuas`s beef                                                               Kr. 315,-

                               Bunkers burger                                                                 Kr. 229,-


                             Vanilla ice cream with warm blackberry                            Kr. 132,-

                            Dessert plate                                                                   Kr. 138,-

                             Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice                                        Kr. 135,-

                             Chocolate plate, 4 pices local chocolate                               Kr    95,-

                           Salad plate                                                                             Kr.  45,-

Children/ vegetarian

                              Chips                                                                                     Kr.  55,-

                             Sausage and mashed potatoes                                           Kr. 105,-

                           Homemade Falaffel with squach salad                               Kr. 275,-

                             Vegetarian wok with Cashew nuts                                     Kr. 245,-