Today’s ala carte


Fjellstua Restaurant



Fish soup with cod, salmon, scampi and scallops                                                          Kr. 134,-

Grilled asparagus with smoked salmon                                                                         Kr. 139,-

Warm ham and chevre sticks with salad                                                                       Kr. 132,-

Tomato and Mozzarellasalad                                                                                       Kr. 125,-


Fish dishes

Clip fish baked in oven with mashed potatoes, bacon and chili pickled onions                 Kr. 305,-

Roasted cod with parsley butterand mashed potatoes and deep fried chicory                 Kr. 288,-

Chili baked salmon with cream gremolata, shellfish                                                      Kr. 298,-

Large portion of fish soup with cod, salmon, scampi and scallops                                  Kr. 245,-


Meat dishes

Reindeer entrecote with creamy mushroom stew with bacon and cranberries                 Kr. 305,-

Surf and Turf, beef tenderloin and scampi, red wine sauce                                               Kr. 315,-

Chicken fillet with bacon, pepper sauce                                                                        Kr. 289,-

Bunkers burger with bacon, cheddar, aioli, chips, pickled red onion                               Kr. 229,-

For main courses you can choose between amandine potato, chips, mashed potatoes and rice



Vanilla ice cream with warm blackberry                                                                       Kr. 132,-

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice                                                                                   Kr. 135,-

Homemade cheesecake                                                                                               Kr. 128,-

Ice cream/sorbet( vanilla-, chocolate ice and raspberry-, mangos sorbet            Kr.40,- pr. cones

Chocolate plate, 4 pices local chocolate                                                                          Kr.   95,-

Salad plate                                                                                                                     Kr.  45,-

Chips                                                                                                                            Kr.  55,-

Tomato and mozzarella salad, pine nuts, pickled onions and balsamico                             Kr. 198,-

Chicken salad with bacon, olives, croutons and feta cheese                                           Kr. 248,-

Falaffel with squash salad, hummus and olives                                                               Kr. 225,-

Vegetarian wok with Cashew nuts and rice                                                                       Kr. 235,-